Will you commit to making reforms that change the way campaigns are funded a primary objective of your administration?

We are not a representative democracy any more. The concentration of power in the funders of campaigns has radically undermined the capacity of Congress to represent us.

The President is the only political leader who could make reforming our crippled and corrupted Congress a priority. Congress won't do it. The courts can't do it. It is up to the President to lead on this issue.

But no President would have a mandate powerful enough to make such a fundamental change unless s/he makes it a primary commitment of his or her administration.

We know that — like 72% of voters — every Democratic candidate for President supports reform. Each of you has committed to small dollar citizen funding of campaigns.

But which of you will commit to making that reform primary? Which of you will give us a reason to believe in government again?

Because the vast majority of us believe our government is bought. And until we change that, the vast majority of us will continue to have no faith in what government can do.

America is not cynical about government because we're cynics. America is cynical because we can see.

Will you commit to fixing our democracy, so we can believe again? And will you make that commitment believable, by making it a primary objective of your administration?